Located in the Coastal Bend, European by birth, Texan by choice. I’m a Christian, outdoors loving, camping, kayaking, former adrenaline junkie, animal lover with a background in the arts. This handcrafting journey began with a bracelet I made from the breast collar of my sweet horse Geronimo. So many good memories are contained in that bracelet, every time I wear it they all come flooding back and it occurred to me that maybe you too would like to have that special memento that lets you keep those memories close rather than just being an item stored away in a closet or a drawer. Keep them close when they are far away, grown up or passed away. A custom bracelet, earrings or keychain made from your loved one’s own leather gives you an intimate keepsake like no other as well as providing you with comfort and benefit. Drop me a line with your design, idea, questions or feedback for your wearable memory. I look forward to hearing from you. Katrina